Comprehensive IT Services

We provide a wide array of solutions from Layer One structured cabling with the capability to handle expanding data transmission speeds, to Layer Two IP security solutions, wireless solutions, telephony and more. And unlike our competitors, we have a full-time team dedicated solely to providing service & repair.

Complete Telephone Solutions

Business telephone systems are key tools for every business, providing the ability for staff and customers to communicate with each other. Premiere Communications and Consulting will work with you to understand your requirements and to optimize and customize your telephone system to suit you.

Installations of New Telephone Systems allow you to:

  • Communicate with others easily.
  • Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device.
  • Connect everyone – your people, your customers, your partners.

We deliver the best business phone systems, installation and maintenance services, applications and processes to ensure maximum performance and ease of use, critical to maintaining a strong communications presence.

Premise Based Digital & VoIP Telephone Systems
Premiere sells, installs, and maintains digital and VoIP business telephone systems that provide you with the latest technology at affordable prices. We offer advanced phone systems that will grow as your business grows and our systems can be networked together seamlessly.

With Premiere, you’ll have the potential to merge all of your communications, from faxing, to e-mail to voice mail.  Our business telephones are designed to increase productivity and yet are so easy to use that everyone in your organization can start taking advantage of their productivity enhancing power right away.

Hosted VoIP Solution
Our Hosted VoIP Solution is a cloud based Communications Service that allows our clients to leverage technology deployed by the G500 community within the Small to Medium Business Enterprise. Hosted Voice offers a multitude of Benefits:

  • Broad Range of Telephony Features
  • Extends Service to Remote Locations
  • Eliminates CAPEX requirements, and ongoing Premise Based Systems Maintenance expense
  • Subscription Based Service
  • Web Portals and Increased Productivity
  • Plug & Play Phones for fast Deployment

Find out more about how we can help you get your business communications up and running with a Hosted Solution, at an affordable cost!

Legacy Phone Systems
With thousands of legacy phone system clients in our database, we have a wide range of equipment that we are currently responsible for maintaining, servicing, and troubleshooting. Older legacy systems present unique challenges and special issues that Premiere is familiar with. Get in touch with us to discuss whether enhancing a legacy system or installing a new system makes the most sense for your business needs.